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Technology literacy and digital health competencies for chiropractic practice
Abstract Surface
Scoping Review

Objective: The purpose of this project will be to identify technology and digital health competencies relevant for chiropractors in clinical practice.

We are currently working on STEP 1. 

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Scoping Review Information for Coauthors

This is where our scoping review training, information, and videos will go once we start those processes.


Training 1

coming soon!

Examining an X-Ray

Training 4

coming soon!

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Training 2

coming soon!

Doctor and Patient

Training 5

coming soon!

Medical Consultation

Training 3

coming soon!

Online Medical Consultant

Training 6

coming soon!

Our Author Team

We have an amazing and diverse group of authors who bring with them their experience of education, technology, and chiropractic. 

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