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Brighthall Research Education Clinical Chiropractic

Dedicated to providing excellent consultation services related to
Research, Learning, and Clinical Care


How We Can Help You?


  • Publishing and editing scientific documents, journals, and monographs

  • Management of projects, literature and scoping reviews, and historical research  


  • Facilitation for strategic planning, developing professional competencies

  • Management of peer review and awards processes for scientific conferences

  • Workshops on publication, evidence-based practice, and health professions integration


  • Hiring and management services for chiropractic clinical care

  • Clinical events, chiropractic support for sporting events

  • Continuous quality improvement process for clinical care

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Meet The Team

Claire 2019a.jpg

Claire Johnson

Dr. Johnson has guided hundreds of authors toward publication and coached thousands in peer review. She is known for her leadership and for developing scientific peer review processes for the two of the largest scientific chiropractic conferences in the world. She is the Editor in Chief of three scientific, peer-reviewed journals. She holds a Master of Science in health professions education and a doctorate in public health.

Bart 2019.jpg

Bart Green

Dr. Green is a chiropractic physician in an interdisciplinary primary care and wellness worksite center for the employees of a large technology corporation and has previously served as the first chiropractor at San Diego, Naval Medical Center. He is an epidemiologist and board certified in chiropractic sports medicine. Holds a Master of Science in medical education and a doctorate in public health.

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